4 Ways to Take Your Content to the Next Level

In today’s digital age, content marketing is no longer a luxury. It’s absolutely necessary if you want to take your content to the next level by developing a better connection with your audience and reaching new prospects. If you take a look around, you’ll see content everywhere: corporate blogs, videos on Snapchat, pictures on Facebook and even simple Tweets are great examples. If you’re just dipping your feet into content marketing, or are struggling to grow your existing strategy, it can feel quite overwhelming.

Fortunately, content marketing is actually quite simple. You need to figure out what your audience is interested in and find new and exciting ways to provide information that solves their problems or piques their interest. To help you get started, here are four ways you can take your content marketing to the next level:

Create a Content PlanSeek Visibility Content Image

One surefire way to doom your content marketing is just creating pieces as you feel like without a rhyme or reason. If you really want to build an audience, you need to build a content calendar. This allows you to keep a regular schedule, giving your audience a reason to keep checking in on specific days. Most importantly, it lets you create content in a logical order so that your message and story stays consistent. By knowing your target audience, you can also produce more relevant and beneficial content that they'll want to read and convert on.

To begin creating a robust content plan, you need to brainstorm some topic ideas:

From there you can begin to fill your content calendar with unique topic ideas.

Develop a Content Distribution Strategy

It’s not enough to simply write an article and post it on your blog or throw an infographic on your website. You need to find ways to distribute this valuable content to your audience. Take a look at all the communication channels you have available. Consider putting together a weekly or bi-weekly digest for your e-mail list that summarizes your content over the past week or two, highlighting some of the most interesting pieces.

For example, here are some recommended strategies to help with developing a content distribution:

  • Connect with social media to target your audience.
    • Facebook - Target your audience by basic demographics, such as location, age, and gender.
    • Twitter - Offer ad solutions for tweet engagement, websites visits, and conversions.
    • Instagram - Notably successful option for B2B businesses that are looking for more dignity than what other social networks can provide.
  • Lead nurturing via email and marketing automation.
    • Build relationships by using personalized content.
    • Optimize your site for lead generation.

Integrating the right choice of media will be beneficial in telling your brand story that the customer wants to read. In the long run, content performs better when you evaluate performances such as landing pages and social media while adapting to it.

Leverage Your Existing Contentteeter totter image

Creating a steady stream of brand-new content takes a lot of time and effort, so don’t be afraid to repurpose your existing content whenever possible. Turn blog posts into infographics or quick informative videos. Combine blog posts that contain similar information into a whitepaper or eBook. Every once in a while put together a ‘best of’ blog post that highlights the most useful and popular pieces you’ve put together.

To continue leveraging your existing content, consider the following steps:

  • Turn your case studies into video testimonials to transmit customer satisfaction and convert leads.
  • Develop your blog posts to webinar presentations.
  • Convert your webinar presentations to downloadable eBooks.

By creating a brand-new blog post, list pieces will work fairly well because it allows you to take each item on the list and create a separate article on that particular topic. Utilizing webinars and informational eBooks will help leverage your existing content.

Focus on a Strong Call to Action

By following the tips outlined above, you’ll be generating interest and creating valuable content. Once you have your audience’s attention, the key to success is taking them to the next step. One Call to Action you should consider is asking them to provide their mobile number. By converting them to a text messaging service, you’ll be able to reach them whenever you want since text messages are opened 99% of the time.

To maximize your efficiency, utilize short codes that are linked to specific pieces of content you can then create campaigns based on information you already know somebody is interested in.

Content marketing takes a lot of time and effort, but the results are worth it. Leveraging the tips we have provided will help you develop a relationship with your existing audience and build your list of prospects quicker than ever before.

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