10 Signs it’s Time to Hire a Content Writer

You’ve heard it a million times: Content is king. You know you need to produce blogs, social media posts, videos, etc., but you are struggling to get it done.get help by hiring a content writer

If a lack of time or knowledge was keeping you from getting other important business tasks done, like payroll or taxes, you would hire some outside help. So why not treat your content the same way and hire a content writer? Even if you think you have a handle on your content, here are some very good reasons to call in the professionals.

1. You Hate Writing

This might be the most obvious sign that you need help. It’s one thing if writing isn’t your favorite thing to do. It’s something else entirely if you will literally find anything else to do instead of drafting a blog post or article. Don’t waste time spinning your wheels doing something that you hate, and instead hire someone else that not only enjoys writing but is good at it.

2. You’re Missing Deadlines and Opportunities

While some content is evergreen, meaning it’s relevant whenever you post it, a lot of content is time-sensitive. A post based on holidays, trends, current events, etc., has a limited shelf life and you have a limited window of opportunity to get it done. If you are too busy to get your content done in time, work with a writer who does have the time. As a bonus, professional content writers often keep their fingers on the pulse these types of topics, so you won’t miss any more great opportunities to capitalize on an evergreen opportunity.

3. Your Audience Isn’t Engaging with Your Content

One of the key purposes of content is to boost engagement with your company and build connections with your audience. But if everything you post is met with the sound of crickets, you need some help. If you hire a content writer their professional experience in creating content is what gets people to respond and the writer will have a different perspective that will get your audience to take notice.

4. You Don’t Write ‘Good’

Does your content look like that? Not everyone is a great speller or a stickler for grammar, but when you produce content, is needs to be perfect. If you don’t know a preposition from a predicate, and your content is constantly riddled with errors, get some professional help.

5. You Lack Diversity in Your Content

The best content strategy is one in which you produce different types of content. Not only do different platforms call for different formats, but your audience will only return if you continue to offer content that is fresh and surprising. If all you ever do are the same types of blog posts, and never create videos, infographics, interviews, white papers, or other types of content, you’re missing opportunities. A content writer can help you create new types of content to better reach your audience.

6. You are a Perfectionist

You agonize over every comma. You tinker with vocabulary endlessly. Every post takes you three days to draft, and even then, you aren’t sure you like it. While making sure your content is well-written, clean, and accurate is certainly important, perfectionism can keep you from getting things done. Working with someone who writes for a living takes some of the pressure off of you, and allows content to get posted sooner.

7. Your Ideas Are Staleovercome writing frustration by hiring a content writer

Sometimes the idea well runs dry. You are so close to your business that you may not see it from other perspectives, or have a clue what else your audience wants to know about. Getting some outside help brings that fresh set of eyes and view from the outside – which will undoubtedly bring fresher, more creative ideas along with it.

8. Your Pages Aren’t Ranking

Content writers aren’t just great writers. They are experts in digital marketing and know how to develop content so that it ranks higher in search results. A great content writer understands SEO inside and out and can help you select the right keywords to ensure that your pages aren’t lost in the shuffle.

9. You Don’t Promote Your Content

Another thing that content writers can help you do is to promote your content. While great content will always find an audience, you can move that process along with a solid promotional plan. Content experts know exactly what to do to promote your content on all platforms, getting you in front of your audience.

10. You Aren’t Effectively Repurposing Content

Finally, one of the most effective content marketing strategies is repurposing your old content into something new. This is a great way to ensure a steady flow of content when ideas are hard to come by, but it needs to be done carefully. A great content writer can identify which content can and should be repurposed, and expertly turn your old stuff into something new and fresh.

Content marketing is too important to your business to leave to chance. If any of these reasons sound familiar, don’t hesitate to get in touch about a professional content writer today to take this task off of your plate.